• What is Teppanyaki?
    “Teppan” - Iron Plate. “Yaki” - Barbeque or Grill. Together means to cook or to barbeque food on a teppan, by a skilled Teppanyaki chef, traditionally in front of guests at restaurants.
  • Does everyone of your guests get to sit in front of a teppan and watch their dishes being cooked?
    Absolutely, Teppanyaki dining must be done this traditional way and all the teppan actions must be shown to the customers. All our tables are around the hot teppan with our chefs cooking & entertaining in the middle. However, nowadays, it is not always possible, due to high chef cost & maximisation of seating capacity, so some other places may have cooking done at one side & the food is then served at the other side, it is sometime referred to as Food Court Teppanyaki, but not us.
  • We are a large group, how many guests can you take at once and will we be all sitting together?
    We have lots of large groups here (hens, birthday, anniversary, corporate functions & …), as our place is specially designed and geared for those purposes. It will depend on the number of guests you have in your group, as our granite tables can seat up to 24 guests and are all sitting around the hot teppan. You may have a full, one side or couple of the tables right next to each other. The largest single group size we have had so far was 85.
  • How do we order, does everyone in our group need to have the same dishes?
    Guests in your group have the flexibility to order different dishes or banquet sets (means everyone can have her/his favourite dish). However, ordering mixed dishes can potentially create confusion amongst each guest in mistakingly taking someone else's dish during its course, which could make certain guests unhappy at the end. It is therefore, we would not normally recommend that, and it will be the decision of the lead person of the reservation as whether to have everyone ordering the same dishes or not. If mixed ordering is chosen, please advise each guest to remember what s/he has ordered and to take delivery from the chef when asked as it will help reduce confusion.
  • I am gluten intolerant and a friend of my is vegetarian, are you able to cater us?
    Sure, we cater for those who have special dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian, gluten free…..etc). Simply let us know at the time of ordering. Pre-ordering is advised, so that it is better prepared.
  • Are you BYO?
    We are fully licensed and no BYO available. Own birthday cakes are welcome, however we have a cakage of $1 per person.
  • Do you give discount to large group booking, we have 20?
    Our places & menus are designed, geared & priced for large group party/dinner function. Unlike some other places we know they may simply agree a discount when they are asked but then provide with less quality and quantity of foods to compensate the discount given. We do not do that, as we cannot compromise our quality and our reputation. This may be one of the reasons that we keep having big groups returning to our place regularly.
  • Why some of your dishes prices are more expensive than my local Teppanyaki restaurant?
    We provide better value on genuine food grade. For instance, our Wagyu beef are top Maple grade tenderloin, and our fish fillet are genuine Perch fillet, unlike some places charge slightly lower price, but substitute with lower grade, like Rump Steak, Basa fish fillet etc.
  • We have never been to your restaurant, however we really like to try it out like those we had tried with coupons purchased, as if you are good, we can then recommend it to our contacts, when will you do it?
    We have not and will not run this type of marketing campaign, as we prefer to care for each of our customers who come through our doors to our best standard rather than hard selling mass promotional vouchers online for fast cash. Lately, we have lots of customers who are visiting us after being disappointed by other places on discounted meal deal, and only to find out with us what true Teppanyaki is. We are confident with our food quality and service. We sincerely hope that we will see you soon, to impress you with our “Truly Teppanyaki”.
  • Is there somewhere we can find some reviews, feedbacks or comments about Hisshou Teppanyaki.
    We are aware that there are many reviews about us on the internet, positive as well as negative ones, especially with many social websites, such as Trip Advisor, Eatability, Urbanspoon, Google & Facebook..etc. We earn our “like” on Facebook genuinely rather than providing value incentive to “like”us. Please feel free to have a browse. We value all feedback as it helps us to improve and take care of our customers better.   Please CLICK HERE if you like to see those reviews.
  • Can we split bill?
    We do not take separate billing, as you can imagine how messy it will get and not having the bill fully paid or reconciled at the end, which can turn otherwise an enjoyable dinner quickly becomes an unfortunate situation.
  • Do you accept booking with young children, and do you have kids’ banquet sets?
    We are flexible for small kids entering into our premises, however, it will be the accompanied adult’s full responsibility to care and look after them in ensuring their safety at all times, as we do not have the qualified resources to do the same. If kids are small, you may like to order an adult banquet set for two kids to share.
  • Do we need to make a reservation or just turn up?
    Our place is usually early at its capacity on Friday & Saturday nights, therefore reservation is essential especially if you are having a big group on the weekends. We often have reservations made well 6 months in advance.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions and suggestions. We love hearing from you.