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Terms & Conditions

.Eat and drink moderately, we do not accept responsibility for over consumption or ill feeling.
.Menu items may not be available and subject to changes.
.If you have foods intolerance &/or allergy (e.g. nuts free…), it is your responsibility to avoid them. We will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed.
.Outside food or drinks (BYO) are not permitted in our premises (except birthday cake that has a cakeage of $1.50 per person, when a minimum of either $8 per person or $50 in total has been spent on our desserts, the cakeage is wavied).
.Minimum average spending $60 per person applied to the higher of the number of person initially booked (includes subsequent increases) OR physically attended.
.We accept cash & electronic payment. We charge a fee on all electronic payments as follows: 3% on Amex/Paypal/JCB/Diners Club/UnionPay & 1.5% on others. 10% Holidays / Sundays surcharge applies.
.No split bills, all your orders whether they are consumed or not, must be paid before leaving our premises. We may request advanced payment when ordering.
.A deposit may be required for group booking, which will be withheld if the booking is cancelled less than 7 days from the required date or no show.
.Table reserved is held for 10 minutes from the requested time, after the 10 minutes, it will be treated as no show and the table will be made available for others.
.Freights, surcharges or bank charges/fees are not refundable once incurred.
.We have 2 seating sessions on Fridays/Saturdays & some busy nights. First session from 5:30pm to 8:00pm. Second session from 8:30pm to 11pm.
.Please take care of your valuables, clothing, accessories and/or personal belongings, as we take no responsibility for their lost or damage. You take your own extra risk if you place them away from your seat or sight as we do not have the resources to safeguard them.
Our cooking areas, utensils, equipment, fixtures & instruments are solely for our own staff usage, you must not use or access them, or you will risk of injuring yourself that we accept no liability.


.Teppanyaki restaurants/games, like many activities involve risk of injuries, include, but not limited to, burns (e.g. hot teppan grills & foods); fall (e.g. falling off your chair while making a catch); slip (e.g. eggs on floor /wet floor as someone might be trying to wash off dirt on their body ); trip etc. You therefore enter into our premises at your own risk, we accept no liability.
.Clothes may get stained / damaged while dining with us (e.g. participating in teppanyaki games or seating near to those who are participating the games); we should not be held responsible.
.Children may enter into our premises, however, their accompanied adult(s) must act as their legal guardian, take care and look after them at all times, be responsible for their action/safety. We do not have the qualified resources to do the same & cannot be held responsible for it.
.Some themes/contents of our entertainments/advertisements, such as their words, pictures, photos or videos …etc may not suit certain people and children, therefore please exercise your parental guidance when needed.
.We reserve the right to refuse entry/service to those who are intoxicated / disorderly /causing discomfort to other guests/staff.
.You are responsible for the replacement cost of any breakages or damage to our properties of your course.
.Photo / video / security surveillance, taking / recording / monitoring may take place, and may be used for public display / passed to third parties (e.g. the Police).
.We are the copyright owner of any video/image/film taken at our premises and it must not be used for public display/exhibition (e.g. commercials) without our written permission.
.By entering into our premises, your reservation, your order and/or your participation indicates your acceptance to our above terms & conditions. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, from time to time in our sole discretion. Amended/current terms and conditions are posted on our website.


Deposit Includes 3% Non-Refundable Fee